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This page has powe levels and saga's and bio's

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  Power levels
Arrival of Vegeta and Nappa:
Chaozu: 963
Son Gohan: 981
Krillin: 1,083
Saibamen: 1,200
Piccolo: 1,220
Tenshinhan: 1,386
Yamcha: 1,480
Son Gohan healed: 2,500
Son GohanMasenko: 2,800
Nappa: 4,000
Son Goku: 5,000
Son Goku charged up: 8,000
Vegeta Gohan: 9,810
Son Goku Kaio-Ken attack: 12,000
Son Goku healed after Vegeta leaves: 14,608
Son Goku double Kaio-Ken: 16,000
Vegeta: 18,000
Son Goku triple Kaio-Ken: 24,000
Son Goku triple Kaio-Ken + Kamehameha: 29,000
Son Goku Kaioh-Ken times 4 + Kamehameha: 32,000
Vegeta Gatlit Gun: 35,000
Vegeta Ooharazu: 180,000

Frieza Saga:
Trunks (Supressed): 5
Krillin: 12,000
Gurudo: 13,500
Kui: 18,000
Son Gohan: 19,000
Dodoria: 21,000
Zarbon: 23,000
Vegeta: 24,000
Krillin after Saichirou-sama charge up: 32,000
Zarbon Monster: 33,000
Vegeta healed after Zarbon fight: 35,000
Son Gohan after Saichirou-sama charge up: 35,000
Rikum: 40,000
Nail: 42,000
Son Gohan healed of Recoom fight: 45,000
Burter: 45,000
Jese: 50,000
Jese Crusher ball: 65,000
Ginyu: 120,000
Vegeta healed after Rikum fight: 300,000
Vegeta healed after Freezer fight and Krillin blast: 1,000,000
Son Goku's bursts: 60,000
Son Goku charged up: 180,000
Son Goku without weighted clothes: 200,000
Son Goku healed after Ginyu swap: 300,000
Son Goku 10x Kaio-Ken: 300,000
Son Goku without weighted clothes: 375,000
Piccolo: 400,000
Piccolo without weighted clothing: 440,000
Frieza: 530,000
Son Goku 20x Kaio-Ken: 600,000
Piccolo after Nail merge: 800,000
Piccolo without weighted clothing: 880,000
Frieza form 2: 1,000,000
Frieza form 3: 2,500,000
Son Goku Genki-Dama: 2,500,000
Frieza form 4 at 33%: 4,000,000
Frieza form 4 at 50%: 6,000,000
Frieza form 4 at 70%: 8,400,000
Frieza form 4 at 100%: 12,000,000
Freiza-bot: 12,500,000
King Cold: 13,000,000
Son Goku Super Saiyan: 15,000,000
Super Saiya-jin Trunks: 17,000,000


Past this point - all power levels are estimates.

Android Saga:
Tienshinhan: 2,500,000
Gohan: 5,000,000
Super Saiyan Goku (sick): < 10,000,000 (drops
as he gets sicker)
Piccolo: 13,000,000
Yamcha: 13,000,000
Super Saiyan Trunks: 20,000,000
Super Saiyan Goku: 25,000,000
Super Saiyan Vegeta: 27,000,000
Android 19: 40,000,000
Android 20: 45,000,000
Android 16: 50,000,000
Piccolo (after merging with Kami): 50,000,000
Cell (after absorbing humans): 55,000,000
Android 17: 60,000,000
Android 18: 60,000,000
Cell (after absorbing Android 17): 75,000,000
Super Saiyan Vegeta (after room of spirit and time): 90,000,000
Ultra Super Saiyan Trunks: 130,000,000
Perfect Cell : 140,000,000

Cell Game:
Mr. Satan: 127
14-year old Trunks: 5,000,000
17-year old Trunks: 6,000,000
Cyborg Frieza: 18,000,000
Super Trunks: 27,000,000
Super Vegeta: 100,000,000
Trunks after Spirit and Time training: 105,000,000
Super Son Goku: 120,000,000
Super Saiya-jin Son Gohan: 110,000,000
Perfect Cell: 125,000,000
Ultra Perfect Cell: 300,000,000
Son Gohan Super Saiya-jin Level 2: 325,000,000

Majin Buu Saga
Gohan with Z sword: 360,000
Yamoo: 10,000,000
Supopovitch: 10,000,000
Goten: 30,000,000
Little Trunks: 35,000,000
Android 18: 60,000,000
Super Saiyan Goten: 90,000,000
Super Saiyan Little Trunks: 95,000,000
Piccolo: 180,000,000
Kibit: 225,000,000
Kaioshin: 250,000,000
Gotenks: 250,000,000
Super Gohan: 275,000,000
Dabura: 275,000,000
Super Saiyan Gotenks: 300,000,000
Super Vegeta: 350,000,000
Super Goku: 360,000,000
Fat Buu: 380,000,000
Majin Buu: 390,000,000
Mystic Gohan: 400,000,000
Majin Buu (w/ Trunks, Goten & Piccolo): 400,000,000
Super Saiyan 2 Goku: 401,000,000
Super Saiyan 2 Vegeta: 405,000,000
Super Saiyan 3 Gotenks: 410,000,000
Majin Vegeta: 425,000,000
Super Saiyan 3 Goku: 450,000,000
Kid Buu: 500,000,000
Majin Buu (w/ Super Saiyan 3 Gotenks & Piccolo): 500,000,000
Goku's Mega Spirit Bomb: 550,000,000
Majin Buu (w/ Piccolo, Trunks, Goten & Gohan): 550,000,000
Vegetto: 600,000,000

Info on the dragon ball's
The Dragonballs are powerful balls(marble-like) created by the Namic elders. The Dragonballs were originally created by Guru, the eldest Namic. The other elders created Dragonballs too, then they hid them accross the plains of Namic. Dragonballs got on to Earth with the arrival of Kame, an eldest Namic. He made 7 Dragonballs, but they were smaller than the ones on Planet Namic. The dragonballs on Earth are about the size of your fist(a little bigger than a tennis ball; like the size of a soft ball). Below is a picture of Trunks and an Earth dragonball. Compare the size of the dragonball and Trunks.

After all the seven dragonballs have been collected, you can awaken the Eternal Dragon.The Eternal Dragon will grant one wish no matter what it may be except for a few exceptions. The dragon in the Z series was mostly used for bringing back dead people. The bad guys(Vegeta, Freeza) usually wanted to be granted eternal life.

Collect all 7 dragonballs.
Do not hesitate in wishing because the Eternal Dragon will leave.
Basically the same thing as above: think of your wish before summoning the Eternal Dragon.
Don't attempt to attack the Eternal Dragon. His powers are too much for you. You will die in a blink of his eye.
After the wish is made, the Dragonballs will scatter all over the Earth but in GT all over the universe. They will also become stone for a certain amount of time.

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Dragon ball z bio's
Name: Son Gokou or Son Goku or Son Gokuh
Saiya-jin name : Kakarotto
Age : at end of DBZ, he is 42
Father : Bardock
"Grandfather" : Son Gohan
Brother : Raditz, Turlas
Wife : Chi-Chi
Son : Son Gohan, Son Goten
Best friend : Krillin

Name : Son Gohan
Age : 5 -- Freeza series; around 12 -- Cell series
Mother : Chichi
Father : Son Goku
Grandfather : Bardock
Uncle : Raditz, Turlas
Brother : Son Goten
Wife : Videl
Daughter : Pan

Name : Vegeta
Saiya-jin name : Vegeta
Age : ???
Father : King Vegeta
Wife : Bulma (I am not sure if they get married)
Son : Trunks
Daughter : Bra

Name : Trunks or chibi Trunks
Age : one year older than Goten
Father : Vegeta
Mother : Bulma
Sister : Bra
Grandfather : King Vegeta
Best friend : Goten

Name : Trunks or Future Trunks or Marai Trunks
Age : one year older than Goten, 16 in the Freeza saga, 18 near the end of DBZ
Father : Vegeta
Mother : Bulma
Sister : Bra
Grandfather : King Vegeta

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This is one of my favorite images
Dr. Gero

This is one of my favorite images